For Henning

febrero 20, 2022

Henning Bethge, principal ideologist and one of the founders of the alternative village Mataveneiro in Leon province, Spain, died in Mexico the 29th December, 1995, taking part in a human chain to save two swimmers in difficulties in a rough sea. All survived except Henning, whose body was never found.

(Henning Bethge, ideólogo principal y uno de los fundadores de la aldea alternativa Mataveneiro en la provincia de León, España, falleció en México el 29 de diciembre de 1995, participando en una cadena humana para salvar a dos nadadores en dificultades en un mar agitado. Todos sobrevivieron excepto Henning, cuyo cuerpo nunca fue encontrado)

The ocean was disrupted by the bombs we brokebelow the whirling waves.

The waters surged and heaved in deep and dark distress.

Gigantic white and snarling wave-teethscoured the seething sands; seeking a worthy sacrifice, they snatched a human warrior from that savage shore.

Long had he foregone the insolent and sullen stance of the brave, yet long had he sensed the watermark of his fate, and filled his days with danger… the dangers of love, and learning, and service.

His dogged, powerful will had moved the wheels of many works… A thriving household of conscious hands, his honey wine, and many timeless drums, for years the pulsing heart of our travelling tribe.

Yet still, seeking a home, he gazed into the futureand breathed life into the tribal village, raising the first house on a rocky outcropamong ruins long-forgotten.

There he grew green again… Softening as the rigid rocks beneath a flourish of trees, he drew his last years around him like a cloak, and stood rested, at peace.

Though he’d said farewells and moved to meet his fateat the last the rabid waters caught him unawaresof all but his calling… Seeking to save another our brother was drawn into the deep.

What could that tormented water want with such a soul, that in its human form had blunted bombsand sharpened wills of peace? Ever one with tidal swell…waters, you have chosen well!

Rest in peace now… children come to sooth you with the warrior’s drum.

Paul Baker